Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Calling On Friends and Family and Strangers...

Dear Friends and Family and Strangers--

Today I’m asking for your support in making SPENT—a Farce Noir/Dark Comedy set in the present day that hearkens back to the 1940s and the golden era of filmmaking.

We have an award-winning cast, plus a fantastic Director of Photography—David Doko. 

David is a Korean American cinematographer and filmmaker who graduated from New York University's Tisch Film School, after which he moved to L.A. His last film was just picked up for worldwide distribution with Green Apple Entertainment.

David is also a Colorist and an artist who will make SPENT into a visual pleasure to watch.  His desire is to always make the next film better than the last one. That we have him here on the East Coast with the perfect film project at the perfect time for his schedule feels serendipitous. Our goal is to have SPENT shown in major film festivals--distribution wouldn't be bad, either!

Making a “low-budget” movie costs about $200,000. Our budget of $25,000 is considered a “micro-budget.”  With that said, it feels like a lot of money, and I’ve wrestled with that fact. With the earthquakes in Nepal alone, it feels frivolous to be asking for financial support for a film. I find it incredibly ironic that one of SPENT’s central plot lines is about what we do with our money.

On the other hand, I believe storytelling speaks to the human heart, and that without it, we lose some of our humanity. It is important. And this project has come together (from actors, crew, locations, our cinematographer) in such a way that it feels like His divine hand is on it.

Ergo onward I go.

I humbly ask for your financial support. No contribution is too small.  That’s something else brought out in the film—the power of $20.

Here is the promo video shot by Nathan McDonald, a film student at Liberty University—he did an awesome job.  Connie Lamothe stars as Evelyn, and Nick Nerangis as Herbert her husband.  

And then there's Sam.

Here is our Indiegogo Link —this is where we are fundraising.  The main perk we’re offering (for a contribution of $20) is for you (or a loved one) to be “Film-Noired”—all the details are on the site, but here is an example of Madeline being Film-Noired. The first picture in the series is a selfie she took, the second is of a the film-noir actress Madeline chose, and the third is of Madeline as the actress.  Bryan Koeff is our photoshopping genius—and he's  ready to Film Noir you!

You can also find us on Facebook at Spent-a Farce Noir Film.

Maybe you can’t donate, but you want to help spread the word—that would be incredibly helpful, too. (Maybe you don't want to do either.  Maybe you want to do both—lots of choices here.)

We’re making the kind of movie many of us want to watch—entertaining, beautiful—and with some depth to boot.

We would be grateful for your support of it.

All in Goodwill,

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fifty Shades of Love

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day—the day a certain nine-month old granddaughter blew her first kiss. 

Goodness, it was sweet.

She’s slowly adding to her repertoire of communication.  There’s a hi and a bye, and a night-night, (all accompanied with profuse waving) and sometimes a ba-anna.

Language acquisition—what a thing to behold, especially with nouns and actions that aren’t concrete.  It’s clear how babies learn a banana is a ba-anna, and with a little more experience, how night is night, but what about a more intangible noun (or verb) like love.


Friday, January 23, 2015

About Our Wedding Anniversary...

Dear Samson,

About our 28th wedding anniversary —the evening hours specifically.   Some things happened which I’ve neglected to mention for the last three days.

Maddie, who was with me, may give you a different version of what transpired—but you know how she leans toward exaggeration for effect.

Our anniversary, if you recall, was on Tuesday the 20th of January.  That morning I woke up to flowers and some very thoughtful gifts. 

You did not.

Maddie had been sick, and I allowed it to waylay me in planning for you.

I’m sorry.

I thought I’d make it up to you in the evening, even though Maddie and I were working—if you consider directing mystery dinner theater work.  Which we hope you do.

That night’s performance went long, and caused some stress, and there was a substantial amount of cleanup afterwards.  Even if we had gone home upon finishing at 9:45 PM, you would have been asleep by the time we made it up the drive.

So what did we do instead of going home?

Funny you should ask.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Swaddle Up!

Swaddle Up!

My first grandchild was born earlier this year.  We wrapped her in cotton cloths.  Soft ones.  We called her our burrito.  Sometimes when she slept, we were tempted to wake her, to have our eyes meet hers, to give her yet another hundred kisses. 

After a few weeks, we fell away from swaddling—I’m not sure why.  Maybe we thought she had adjusted to life outside of her mother’s womb.  But she became unsettled, the nervous system wasn’t in control of unruly limbs, open space and complete freedom wasn’t comforting.  Her world was too big for her to manage. 

It would be a few days before we would put two and two together. 

Our baby missed being wrapped up. 

Friday, November 7, 2014


Dear Readers--are there still readers?

Let's try this:

Dear Friends…

Are there still friends?


Dear Person Who is Reading (because she forgot to unsubsribe),

I am here, as I hope you are there.

Life is a gift.

Insights like this make for riveting posts.



It feels good to connect--if even for a minute with an unoriginal thought.

Life is a gift.

I'm thankful.

Hope you are all doing well.

All in Goodwill,