Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Join the Birthday Party!

Happy Wednesday!

Today we are celebrating the six month birthday of our blog.  We're not sure if it is exactly the six month anniversary of our first blog or not, because that would require math capabilities or a calendar, neither of which we have handy. 

So today it is!  Six (or so) months of coNUNdrum solving (of sorts).  We should all be happy.  If there's anyone, though, who could complain about the last hemi-year, it's our Tech Girl—Mari.  How many times have we emailed her? Mari, how do I make a tab?  Mari, we need a comment button.  Mari, Maddie stole my socks.  And even last week:  Mari, how do we get a date stamp on our blog?

Has she ever been annoyed by us?  Probably—but NEVER once has she made us feel that way.  Gracias for that.

In fact, without Mari's blog of yesterday, we wouldn't have realized we were up for a birthday celebration.  Yes, she dedicated her own baby (her blog) to our baby (our blog).  Mother to one, Midwife to the other.  You can read her entire story HERE.

We've provided an excerpt from her blog—and it concerns you, our Crazy, Loyal Readers!

I've enjoyed watching the coNUNdrum solving blog grow and develop and the interaction of the readers has been most enjoyable and entertaining. When the Whippersnapper joined in the raising of the infant, Connecting Now morphed into something that caught us by surprise. "Us" being the midwife, parent, and supportive aunts and uncles. Who knew she could weasel her way in and grow on us like moss on the north side of trees? But seriously, it's truly been a joy to coo, giggle, and wipe slobber during the 6 months of coNUNdrum life thus far.

Today I have a FREE OFFER for the loyal readers of Connecting Now. For the next week I'm giving away free
I Mik Chik buttons you can proudly pin on your blog's side bar (or as your profile pic or to feature on your Valentine's Cards).  Much like the "I Voted" stickers on election day, you can wear this button with patriotic pride (even if you're Canadian).

So, Readers, there you have it.  You can get one of these nifty buttons HERE by following the VERY easy directions.  What an opportunity!  We hope this offer goes over better than the Beanie Baby Sleeping Bags one did.  We admit, making you change your answering machine message might have asking a bit much—though one Loyal and Adventurous Reader (Diane) didn't balk.  Thanks, Diane.  With this offer (for the first time ever), you don't have to do anything.  You may want to jump on this—you don't know when another offer like this will come along. 

We do.  But you don't.

Thanks, Mari—for ALL your help and for this amazing button which is gloriously devoid of Timmy Boyle's Butt Cheeks.  Not that we didn't appreciate them, but we thought his wife, Heidi might want them close to her heart for a while:)

The Party Lines are Open!!!!!!

All in Goodwill,
Lisa and Maddie


  1. Happy Anniversary, MikChiks! It's been LOADS of fun - looking forward to much, much more!

  2. Happy Anniversary MikChiks. "Conundrum" has taken on a whole new meaning with all kinds of subtle nuances with your sometimes "down-home," sometimes "whimsical," but always "all in good will" advice. Yours is a wonderful blog to follow.

  3. I'm laughing cuz I was trying to find an angle to launch from and looked up when your first post was (6/22) and realized the entire month of June was spent in labor pains. (figuratively speaking)Then I thought "our baby is 6 months old (awe)"... generally speaking. THAT'S when the midwife idea started to roll. :P

    Glad you like the button. It was a distraction that kept me busy while trying to think of how to explain Koinonia.

    Welcome to my ADD brain.
    ☆ Midwife-Mari

    P.S. I'm kinda liking the moss on the north side of my tree btw. It sort of grows on ya.

  4. Happy Half Birthday to the ☆Mik Chiks☆ and the Connecting Now family. I've totally enjoyed each visit to this blog!

  5. Thanks for the lovely button--I have added it to my blogsite! God Bless the Mik Chiks.

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