Wednesday, June 29, 2011

coNUNdrum Drive

Who is Who?
Dear Helpful Readers,

We at Connecting Now are in want of coNUNdrums—surely we (together with our Readers) have not solved them all!  Or perhaps you really have no problems, may we point out that this is a spectacular opportunity to take the plank from your neighbor's eye.  Perhaps he or she has a coNUNdrum that he or she is not even aware of.  That's where your acute coNUNdrum detection skills can come in.

Or perhaps you'd like to take a less hypocritical approach.  

Maybe there's something in the news that perplexes you?

A summer related problemo?  Fireworks? Swimming Holes? Those stink bugs pummeling the east?

As always, nothing is too small, and though many things are too big, we'll all pitch in with our two cents and prayer.  Prayer is always the best/right answer.  Always.  Especially where hypocrisy's involved.

So that's it, Readers.  We hope you are all having a splendid summer—but not so splendid that it means there are no coNUNdrums.

All in Goodwill,
Seriously--in Goodwill,
Lisa and Maddie


  1. Conundrum drive...? Like are you gonna poke me then feed me Oj and cookies after?