Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh, Man--Now That's Pride Talking...

Dear Readers!
It's come to my (Lisa's Pride) attention that some of you think I was serious with the last coNUNdrum, and that perhaps I think of myself as a Princess or that women should walk two paces behind men.  I feel the need to dispel this inaccuracy.
Tomorrow I might feel compelled to post a blog dealing with My Pride—who knows?

But for today I concentrate on where a woman's proper place is.  I was being mostly Tongue in Cheek when I said that Mrs. Timid should hold up the royals as an example to her husband and walk a step behind him. I say "mostly" because that order does work for some couples.  And there's nothing wrong with letting your man lead you down the sidewalk if that's how you both like it.  Mr. Timid was trying to be chivalrous (according to Mrs. Timid). I was giving him a new paradigm of chivalrous pedestrianship—one that didn't include guarding her against Jack the Ripper. 

And even with The Royals, his being The Leader is almost imperceptible--they're that close together.

I walk hand-in-hand, side-by-side with Samson—almost everywhere—we tend to part at restrooms.  And as I said in my P.S. (which I added after the fact of yesterday's blog), sometimes he takes the lead, sometimes I do.  In the car, I tend to take the lead less.  I'm Geographically Challenged especially when the sun goes down.  Almost failed Night Land Nav at OCS (Officer Candidate School).

Which brings me to the other point.

The one about me thinking I'm a princess—I was in the military for Pete's Sake!  I do camo better than I do make-up.  And as Sam can attest, I wouldn't know demure if it smacked me in the face—though I can be gentle, caring, and even lady-like.  

But Princess Demure—no!

And lastly, with all the strength and intelligence I possess, and with the attitude that Sam and I navigate our lives together, I still consider him the leader of our family.

But that does not make me a backward princess.

I hope it doesn't anyway.

Well, I guess that's it.
All in Goodwill,
Lisa's Pride Out


  1. I'm glad to know that you and Sam at least part at restrooms... I was worried there for a moment. I have been known to run full-barrel into the men's restroom because the stupid signs were not as gender-specific as they should have been... boy was THAT embarrassing! I can tell you from experience that a middle-aged woman can move FASTER than any young whippersnapper when she has to! :) Hubby and I have our days... sometimes he's in the lead, sometimes I am... and sometimes he just sits down and says, "Come get me when you're through..."

  2. In my book, you're a princess--a royal daughter of God, beautiful in face and grace and heart.

  3. Ha-Ha @ Hanne!

    Ah, Verna, way to turn me into mush--non-demure mush, of course:).

  4. what would demure mush look like, I wonder?

    Also, the great comment I just left got swallowed up someplace in the ether, but I'd like you to know it involved snails for breakfast and who gets to drive. It positively radiated genius, just like you.

  5. Didn't know what sort of can you were opening with that coNUNdrum, did you Mrs. Timid?

    Lisa, we love you. Period. In camo or out, with make up and without. Full of pride or full of demurity (or whatever that word would be).

    Amen, Verna.

  6. Did I hear someone say "genius"? From your lips to Sam's ears.

    And that's very freeing, Di:).