Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Purse-Onality Quiz/Contest!

This bag has LOADS of personality!
Dear MikChiks,
I’ve noticed over the months that you have tackled such issues as hair, make-up, shower curtains, evening attire and even mate matching. Well, I have a new one for you. While I think I have a pretty good handle on all the topics mentioned above (especially the mate match), I am severely challenged in one area…well probably more than one but let’s stay focused on my problem at hand.

I am purse challenged.

Typically, I prefer to not carry one. Off and on over the years I’ve bought purses, perhaps while in a girly mood.  In high school I only carried a purse once a month for two items, one of which was Midol. I can’t count the times when I needed the said items and had to retrace my steps to remember which class I left the stupid thing in.

Not long ago, I started carrying a basic black, somewhat stylish purse… but I had an accident. I was smuggling an iced latte (made at home) in one of those new insulated cold drink cups with a screw on lid and straw into a movie. Apparently I didn’t get the lid screwed on straight and I had a serious amount of leakage.

Sure the purse could probably be cleaned up of the sticky sweet substance, but I never was overly fond of the thing and I did only pay $8 at WalMart for it. Then it dawned on me…I should have the MikChiks help me decide on the perfect purse for my personality.

Here are the things you have to work with:
·         I like being fashionable but I’m simple. No flashy bling-bling thing, please.
·         I’m a “big girl” and I don’t want the purse to accentuate any of my bigness.
·         I hate it when I can’t slide my elbow through the handle or can’t keep the stupid thing on my shoulder.
·         I’m of lowly estate. (Ummm I’m a poor soul)
·         I don’t want a piece of luggage on my hip.
·         I need to be able to find things easily.

The types of things I carry these days are:
·         ID/Debit card etc (Which could use some new image of a wallet as well)
·         Cell phone (Needs to be highly accessible since I am a text addict)
·         Keys
·         A bit of make up
·         Sunglasses
·         Reading glasses
·         And miscellaneous little things of which I can’t think of right now.
I’m sure whatever you decide is a good fit for me, my daughter and her hip-case (larger purse) would love to assist me in a shopping trip following your criteria. We could even document it…for entertainment/educational purposes.
Purse-onality Plus

Dear Purse-onality Plus,
Thanks for this most excellent CocoNUNdrum.  We're up for the challenge!

This also seems like the perfect time for Another Contest.  Fun in Nature—as promised.

Your letter reminded us that purses and personality can be closely linked.  So while we're searching for something that fits your (exhaustive) requirements, we invite The Readers to email us pictures of their own handbags.  The Men can send pics of their Murse/Manbag or a pic of their wife's purse, or a picture of something they wouldn't be caught dead wearing.   Maybe Roadkills can send in something before his Albanian Beach Trip.  We're sure it would be interesting.

Then on Monday we'll post all the pictures, plus all the names.  The Reader who matches the most correctly will win some kind of prize, and as usual it has yet to be determined.  We may also put ALL Participants' Names into a hat for another prize.  It all depends on how closely the men in our households are monitoring the checking accounts.

So there it is Readers—who's up for this Pursonality Quiz?

Maddie and Lisa


  1. I don't know about this one, I may need help in this department myself. I've recently bought 4 purses (5 if you count the one I gave away because of buyers remorse) and I don't like any of them. The first one was too small so I had to upgrade. Number 2 was perfect until I realized that it was still too small. Number 3 was just not my style and number 4 (bought yesterday) is still too crampy for my stuff. I suppose I can send pictures of what NOT to buy. Groan.

  2. Okay - I'm sending a pic of my purse to you guys - but I'm SURE mine will be matched with me SUPER quick. No other words. Looking forward to the fun!

  3. Thanks, Jo! And Sherry--that's funny! Send us pictures of all of them!

  4. I did actually buy a purse this summer. Amazing, I know. It's more like a bag. Bag/purse - same thing, right? You can tell how much I know and carry one. lol.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see what you come up with for Purse-onality Plus:)

  5. Sherry, You sound like Goldilocks. This one is tooo big. This one is tooo small...but this one is... Well you apparently haven't found the "just right" one.

    Some of you may know that I am an Anita Renfroe fan. (Christian Comedy Queen IMHO) I want to grow up and be just like her... errr... wait, we are the same age. oy. Anyway, I have an older DVD of hers where she does a bit about purse-onality. Funny stuff.

    I tried to sell my purses in a yard sale and for some reason no one wanted them. Guess I can take pics of them if Les didnt take them to the dump.

  6. This just in. I think I found the just right purse! I'm exhausted from all the shopping I did today so I'll post pictures tomorrow of my goldilocks purses. (Mari, I was thinking the exact same thing not 30 seconds ago)

  7. This cocoNUNdrum is wayyyyyy overdue for me too! Are there any out there who have, like, a different purse for different occasions? How on earth do you know which one goes with which? ARGH!

    I have a hard time just finding the one, although when that has been accomplished (YAY, SHERRY!!!!) things seem to be right with the world. I've been accused of being overly monogamous (?!?!) about my purse - likely because I keep it far too long past the due date in terms of fashion and general wear and tear.

    Please send pics, Roadkills!! I'll send in my purse-shot and will eagerly await the mix and match game. :)

  8. I'll send you a pic of my purse. I have to admit that if I go anywhere, I feel "nekkid" without it. My sweetie got me several really nice purses in the past, but they were too heavy and hurt my shoulder. I do have one little clutch purse to carry at grandkids' weddings,but, other than that, what you see is what I carry! This one suits me fine. (I have to have one that I can carry a paperback book in, along with other necessities.)

  9. My problem is that I have a dropped shoulder, so if I put a purse strap on that shoulder, it just falls right off smack onto the floor. Plus, purses hurt to carry, but I have meds and pillows and snacks and my Nook that have to go somewhere or other....