Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Dating Website Debacle of '09

Dear, Mik Chiks,
About your advice to Mystery Woman on yesterday’s conundrum--and I quote:  Just be sure you don't accidentally get sucked into a dating website under a false name and photo. That doesn't end well. Guess how we know.

A couple of Anonymous Husbands with inquiring minds  feel that an explanation is in order.

Dear Anonymous Husbands with inquiring minds but limited memories.  We were referring to the time we helped a doctor friend of ours find a suitor on e-Harmony an un-named dating website.  She had very little time, so we wrote up a profile, posted one of our pics (which resembled hers) and then screened the inquiries.  And lo and behold, we found a suitable match!—an oncologist no less!  But he became a little indignant when we disclosed that it hadn't been her picture or her words in the profile or in the initial back and forth contact.

We explained the situation and humbly and profusely apologized.  He accepted, and a date for a date was set.

But then our Doctor friend did some digging on this oncologist who she'd never heard of and who lived within 50 miles of her.  Turns out he wasn't an oncologist but a radiologist. 

He never apologized.

And we decided that posing as someone else on a dating site is stupidand all too common.

And Lord knows, we never want to be common.

Anonymous Husbands, we hope this is ringing some bells.

If not, we know of a good doctor—and a lying radiologist.

Lisa and Maddie 


  1. Never cease to make me laugh. I like the anonymous name of the website the best. Thanks again for your guest post last week!

  2. Well, I'm not interested one bit in a dating site. I have my guy, but I'm wondering why I keep getting all these SENIOR dating site ads. What's with that?
    Mik Chiks, You make me laugh, and I love your new warning sign!

  3. This puts me in a Cyrano de Bergerac mood. You made me laugh Mik Chiks!

  4. Anonymous husbands can be so forgetful when it comes to things wives do and say. Your adventure in web-dating sounds fun! Especially the part where YOU didn't have to go out with anyone strange, erm, I mean, with a stranger.

  5. Real names and photos work well, although I used my online name and so did Ryan. His first pic was his best pic he had, though, and it was 3 years old, whereas mine was recent. One of the guys I had met used his HIGH SCHOOL pic, which was nine years old. I thought he looked way too young for 28! :) I did try to hook up my friend once, after I'd found Ryan, but no bites.

  6. and Will Smith made it look so easy in Hitch...

  7. Will Smith makes everything look easy. And Leah--you are a SUCCESS story!! And Verna, with your Leon taking you out on the town everyday, who needs a dating website!

  8. Prison girl paranoia prevents me from considering on-line dating an option.

    Yup, that would be me.

    Boring but Security Conscious

  9. I am trying to figure out how to follow you! sandie

  10. LMAO...this is hilarious. love the way you write! thanks for stopping by my blog so i could follow you back here for this bit of goodness!


  11. Okay - love you site - quite unusual. So are both of you together on this? Who gets the comments? Who writes? And you know you are a lot younger then old chatty. But this was good - advice. Be yourself where ever - but be careful.

    I am now your follower!


  12. Welcome, Sandie!!! I get the comments--which is usually why it's me responding to them--but Maddie checks in on them, too.

    We both write--first we talk about it, then we take turns taking the first stab--then the other comes and works with it. I usually make sure formatting is right at the end. It's truly a collaborative effort--could never have stuck with this without Maddie.

    And I love your site, too, btw. Lots of fun--highly recommend it!