Sunday, April 22, 2012

Semper Gumby!

Dear Readers,

You seem like an irony-loving bunch to us.  So today we bring you a bit of it (which in no way should be confused with us not completing what we start).


Last week we talked about time management and how we were using Kent Holland's book, Working on Purpose, as a guide to becoming better managers of the minutes of our day. We said (or suggested—is there really a difference?) how we would post excerpts from his book in a logical manner (without posting the entire book) in order that those Readers  interested in a similar pursuit could follow along.

As we were working our way through Kent's first exercise—keeping track of where our time goes, we were struck with the irony of taking time to do something that 1) not All Readers wanted to do, and 2) that Kent had already done in perfect order.

Why were we taking all that time to reinvent the wheel?

We are the Poster Children of Irony.  (We are not the poster children of quitters—no matter what some of you, or the voices inhabiting us might think)

Semper Gumby:  Always Be Flexible.
So for anyone interested in an effective book on time management—look how much it's already helped usyou can order Kent's Book Here.  

For the rest of you—we don't know.  We've got nothing at the moment.
What about you—you got anything?

Ironically Yours,
Lisa and Maddie


  1. So, you will no longer take the time to keep us informed ABOUT time?

    And I took the time to read about you no longer taking the time to keep me informed about time?


    There's an irony in there somewhere.

    1. It may just take a while to cull the irony from the whole--as we can be confusing.

  2. I got nothing. But I like your Gumby illustration.

  3. Sometimes the creative mind (CM) puts wheels into motion. Other times, CM just simply is spinning her wheels. Many times as those wheels spin, smoke is created and believe it or not, when the smoke clears their might just be something fabulous to show for it.

  4. One can hope.

  5. Semper Gumby! Love it!

    I dunno. What is it you're asking if I got? Irony... Ironing! Is that it? Yes, we have ironing to be done. If anyone is really into ironing, feel free to drop by. Neither of us particularly cares for it (if you can believe) and I've never been that good at it. I can change the oil in a car in the time it takes me to iron a shirt.

    Does that help?

  6. CSAM - Creative Smoke And Mirrors.

    CSAM hide.
    CSAM hide the van.
    CSAM hide the cops from the van driver.
    The smoke clears.
    The mirrors fall over.
    Bye bye Sam's perfect driving record!

  7. You always make me smile--and that's not irony!

  8. It doesn't hurt!

  9. And that's good enough for us.

  10. You know, I had a really nifty reply post, AND it was the first one -- it seems to have disappeared.

    What's the irony of that?

    Unless, reply posts are subject to approooooval?

  11. Oh Gumby...the memories. Life probably would be a lot easier if I were willing to be more flexible.

  12. I agree, Judy!

  13. I left a comment to your original comment, and that disappeared, too!

  14. That definitely helps!