Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dug in Heels...

I’m not a hater or a homophobe. I’m a lover of all people.  And of God and Jesus.  I don’t separate my straight friends and family from my gay ones. 

In fact, I don’t even see them in terms of their sexual orientation—just like I don’t look at any of the people in my life in terms of labels.  I love them all, treat them all the same—with dignity and grace, and of course, love. 

Why is this not enough?  

Our culture is backing me into a corner, demanding that I say:  everything is as it is meant to be.  Because that’s what it boils down to for me. 

Whether I believe in God or evolution, the culture demands I concede this point—that everything is as it was meant to be. And I cannot.  Logic, my senses, my faith simultaneously say homosexuality is not the optimum design; it is not as it was meant to be.

On the other hand, neither is sexual orientation the crux of a person’s salvation.  I think pride earns that spot. 

But it feels like my love and goodwill aren't enough.  The culture is greedy.  But if it demands I concede homosexuality as part of God’s design, if it twists my arm to make me cry uncle, I will dig my heels in, and then we've become opponents.

I don’t ask of the culture what it is asking of me.  I am joyful when you see me as a human being first, a person with a set of beliefs, second.  That’s how Christ engaged people—always as a human being first.  I am okay with you not believing as I do, yet treating me with dignity.  I would never back you into a corner, twist your arm until you said:  you’re right, Lisa, Christian faith is truth!  

Though I believe it is.

I don’t want to play victim here, but I feel like the culture is extorting an equivalent statement from me—or else…

…or else it will label me with something that is the antithesis of who I am.  It will label me as a hater.  And the culture is counting on me not wanting to be called a hater so much that I’m willing to fold.

But I am not.

And for fellow Christians who feel they have a mandate to shove their beliefs on others in an effort to “save” them—well, I don’t agree with that, either.  We don’t save anyone.  Christ saves.  The best thing I can do is to reflect the love and grace He gave me.

I suppose I'm asking for you to be in relationship with me, love me for what is good in me—that is how I feel about you.  I will not demand you tell me that Christ is the only way.

 You wouldn’t anyway. 

Please don’t try to extract from me an acceptance of homosexuality as God’s (or evolution's) design. 

I won’t cry uncle.

Two sets of heels dug in are sad.  If self-righteousness is present, it turns dangerous.

Please accept the pure love I extend to you and also accept from youregardless of all labels.

All in Goodwill,


  1. As always, I feel the need to say "Amen" after reading one of your posts. Thank you for sharing. You put into words beautifully what many think and feel, but have a hard time articulating... Including myself. Again, thank you.

  2. Wow. Such a eloquent statement of the conundrum I experience on this and many other subjects where my faith, beliefs, and personality gets me backed into a corner. Often. Totally well said.

  3. Amen! And may we all reflect His love and grace!

  4. Perfectly said in grace. I'm digging in along side you.

  5. Perfectly said in grace. I'm digging in along side you.