Tuesday, December 24, 2013

You Might Be a Redneck--oops, I mean--A Child of God If You...

You might be a child of God if you landed on Santa’s naughty list.

You might be a child of God if you hate the holidays and don’t know why.

You might be a child of God if you love the holidays and don’t know why.

You might be a child of God if you can’t swim.

 You might be a child of God if you are a bully.

Or you smoosh spiders, stomp on snails, or step on sidewalk cracks.

You might be a child of God if this world makes no sense to you.

You might be a child of God if after doing something good, you immediately feel the need to do something bad.

Or vice-versa.

You might be a child of God if you take the people you love for granted.

You might be a child of God if you were born in a country no one can pronounce.

Or you might love animals.

Including cats.

You might be great at your job.

Or only have a job because your boss hasn't figured out how to fire you yet.

You might be gay.

You might be straight.

You might stink at Trivia Persuit.

Or math.

Or speling.

You might have joy that bubbles up like a spring from within.

Or depression perpetually pressing down upon you.

You might have people who revere you.

Or people who revile you.

You might curse God, blame, God, hate God for where you are in life.

You might think you’re totally lucky, like you hit the genetic lottery.

Or feel like you lost your shirt.

You might imbibe.

Or do drugs.

Or have a belly button piercing.

 Or a tattoo of your ex in an awkward place.

You might be married.

Or divorced.

Seven times.

Have blond hair.

Or red.

Or brown.

Goes for skin and eye color, too.

You might be rich, but feel poor.

You might be poor, but feel rich.

You might be directionally challenged.

Or prone to making bad decisions.

Eleven times out of ten.

Plus one more.

You might be a child of god if you:

have other Gods before Him
take the Lord’s name in vain,
make graven images
not remember the Sabbath
not honor your mother and father
commit adultery

You might not love your God with all your heart and soul and might.

You might not love your neighbor as you do yourself.

You might forget the widows and the orphans.

and yet...

You might do all these things and still be a child of God.

The only thing that could ever keep any of us from becoming one is our own arrogance.

Christmas Day.

For unto us a child is born.

May our interactions with others never center on finger-pointing which creates arrogance and pride for both the giver and the receiver, but instead may it center on making one another feel this truth or at least the possibility that lies at the heart of this truth—that in spite of our wretchedness, a Child was born so that each of us could become a child of God.

How amazing is that?

All in Goodwill,


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    1. and what I said to Jan was Merry Christmas! praying the day soothes your heart, Donna.

  2. simply beautiful. beautifully simple. truly. this post. !!!!
    may your Christmas be holy and your new year be blessed.

    1. thank you, Robyn--I hope the same for you.

  3. I'm pretty sure I fit into several of those categories, and not so proudly may I add. BUT, by grace, I am in God's family. I just love this post! Thank you. Merry Christmas Lisa and family.

    1. I fit into some of those categories, too! grace--such an awesome gift. merry Christmas to you and yours, Coleene!!

  4. Lisa, thanks for sharing this brilliant post today. Powerfully beautiful! <3

  5. Truly amazing Gospel, my very dear friend--delivered in an awesome way. I'm so thankful we are children of God, and He loves us every one!

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    1. haha;). may you and yours have an awesome Christmas, Diane--your family is blessed to have you in their lives. I strive to do all that you do.

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    1. Merry Blessed Awesome wishes for a Merry Blessed Awesome Christmas for you and yours!!!